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IMKC Grand Opening

Grand Opening: IMKC this Friday, March 30, 2018 at 11:00 AM CST

The Popper is opening IMKC in the 18th and Vine district of downtown Kansas City, MO, to sell his premier clothing line, IMKC – Our Hometown uniform, along with a select few other brands.

The IMKC Clothing Company was born from an energy that begets an electric feeling of pride and affection for the town of Kansas City that we all love. The concept behind the designs in the line speaks to the relevance that our sports teams, local influences and cultural experiences have brought to us all. –

The Connected World line is collaborating with IMKC to be one of the premier brands that will be showcased.

Come out and support Connected World and collaborating partner IMKC this Friday!

1809 Vine Street
Kansas City, MO 64108

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